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Tagged by the forever-lovely :iconideya-freak:, 13 questions for me which I shall answer (I would post the rules except this is an ANCIENT tag, so I will simply answer while I catch up!):

1) What is your favorite song? Sorus by Tipper
2) Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Introvert, absolutely.
3) What is your current creative project? I have two creative projects right now actually: 1- Repairing and repainting a couple sets of old Zelda Four Swords Kubrix figures (repairing an original set, and modding a second into a Triforce Heroes version with purple as Dark Link), and 2- Sculpting my Maren, Spade, to scale with my F4F NiGHTS statue.
4) Favorite quote from anything ever? It is not your talent that renders me speechless. It is your delusional ignorance.
5) Do you collect anything? I collect an assortment of game collectibles: most notably, The Legend of Zelda, closely followed by Guild Wars 2 and The Witcher.
6) How do you feel about zombies? They're excellent target practice.
7) Have you ever been to a convention (anime, gaming, etc)? I have! I've been to E3, attended every Gamescom from 2007 - 2015, and also attended EpiCon in the Netherlands.
8) What is your favorite genre of video game? IF you don't play, favorite genre of movie? I am always forever fond of the classic Adventure genre.
9) Name nine of your favorite things. Good books, excellent music, colored lights, conceptual artwork, game art books, inspired conversation, cats, niche shops on seldom-traveled streets, and dark aesthetic moods.
10) What was the first anime you watched/remember? Old-school Pokémon counts, right? Though the first series I watched through, as I recall, was Wolf's Rain.
11) What was one of the nicest compliments you have received? As tragic as it may be, I honestly can't remember one.
12) What is your favorite aspect of art? The creative process. I enjoy watching it conceptualized and built from the ground-up.
13) What is your all time favorite character?? From anything, ever, in the history of everything as not created by myself? It's probably a close tie between Geralt of Rivia, John Marston, Midna, and Edward Mordrake.

And an additional 13 answers as tagged by the delightful :icontagami-crown: :)

1)  What is your favorite music genre/s? Ambience/Electro-trance
2)  Is there a character you feel very similar to? A lot of people associate me with Sniper from TF2 (minus the piss-throwing). I've always felt I could relate to Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk as well.
3)  What was the first art media that you enjoyed using the most? I'm extremely fond of traditional pencil and always will be.
4)  Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
5)  Favorite beverage? Demi-sec sparkling wine. I also enjoy butterbeer and cherry 7-Up.
6)  Which comes more naturally for you: creating an original character before any story ideas, or brainstorming a story outline before finalizing characters for it? It's give and take, actually. It typically tends to be a mix: having a universal idea (location, for example), creating the character, and then fleshing out and adapting the story.
7)  All time favorite superhero? Does Tesla: Rockstar Scientist count?
8)  Regardless of your Pokemon knowledge, what kind of Pokemon would you love to see someday? I might actually, for the first time in my life, quite literally squee if I encountered a real-life Pumpkaboo (especially if it were shiny).
9)  If you could magically create any kind of video game to play, what sort of game would it be? Niraven, which was originally conceptualized as an elaborate (yet exceedingly simple) RPG-Adventure crossover with some distinctive action elements.
10)  What is your favorite mythological creature? I'm fond of all types of ghouls, but also enjoy the traditional dragon and am quite fond of the wampus.
11)  Is there a specific soundtrack that you're really fond of? I love the soundtracks for Final Fantasy X and Guild Wars 2 (+ Heart of Thorns).
12)  Of all your original characters, which is the oldest one that's still active?  (i.e. one you haven't abandoned/forgotten them) Rush, who tends not to make physical appearances due to his strictly private "fuck-off" nature. However, he surfaces here now and again as "Rush of the Inquest" - though he has numerous racial forms depending on story context/game - and is still very much active.
13)  Favorite final boss battle in a video game?  (If you don't play video games, then what final showdown in a movie?) That is an extremely difficult question. Personally, it's probably a tie between the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Metroid Prime.
  • Playing: Overwatch


.:Custom:. Edward Mordrake - AHS Freakshow
My first custom-paint Funko Pop! figure: Edward Mordrake from American Horror Story - Freakshow. I simply loved his character too much and was disappointed to find that Funko didn't make a figure of him. Next best thing? Make my own! Painted with acrylic and sealed for quality, extra demon face included.
Base figure: Funko Pop! Willy Wonka


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