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Hi everyone. I got back from Gamescom a week and a half ago. It was busy, but it was a great year! I got to see and play a number of amazing games, including The Evil Within, Super Smash Bros. 3DS & WiiU, Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors, Evolve (again), War Thunder on Oculus Rift with a $1,000 joystick/headphone simulator setup (wow), Alien: Isolation, Pix the Cat, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and oh-so-many more. My wallet is going to be aching, I can tell you that much. I'd be happy to go into more detail regarding any games in the comments, but for the sake of keeping the journal itself short, I'll leave this bit as-is.

I also cosplayed BLU Sniper, of course: my second time cosplaying at a big event after my first time ever at Gamescom last year. There were a couple mishaps along the way, namely that my glasses snapped and my replacement order was the wrong one (but rolled with it) and my rifle had a rough transport, but I was able to fix her up and the show carried on! It was incredibly well-received. I got some of the most amazing compliments, and was literally asked for hundreds of photos (wow 8'_[). I made the day of more than a few people while I was out there. That in itself was reward enough, and many a person gawked over the Sniper Rifle (or Sheila, as we're calling her now). I also met up with a number of TF2 cosplayers I met last year, and met a few new ones, too! Stuff happened. SingStar was one of those things. Here's a handful of my favorite photos from this year:

BLU Sniper: Me
RED Medic: PitchblackDragon
RED Heavy: TheCrymeTyme
BLU Spy: Andrei
RED Sniper: Sam
RED Soldier: Mariku (I don't know your dA name, sorry mate)
Draven: DrunkenFangschrecke
The Doctor as himself

I also came away with a few goodies! I bought a handful of TF2 Mini Merc blind boxes in an attempt to get BLU Scout, BLU Soldier, and BLU Engineer for my BLU Team back in the US. I was able to nab Scout and Engie, but no luck with Soldier! But that means that I've got a RED Pyro and a BLU Spy (RED Scout has been claimed) looking for new homes! If you're interested, they're for sale! And this is the last chance I'm giving people before they go up on ebay in a day or two. I'm only looking to make back the money I spent on them, so 12 euros ($16 USD) a pop. It'd be wonderful to see them go to adoring homes.

All that aside, work has been busy as per usual, but a schedule change means I have more time for art and personal things. I've been doing a lot of doodles (I should post them, really), and I've got another official art project under my belt, which I'll share when permission is given. :)

All the best~

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Sinners and Saints by Niraven
Sinners and Saints
This was a little gift I made for my dearest friends, whom I call my family, as a housewarming gift. We're all terribly fond of Saints Row and have dedicated characters we play as, each falling under a specific role. So together, they make up the perfect group. I play as Saints!Snipah. He's got top-notch standards, which includes being a top-notch asshole. But he's the weapon specialist, so what can you do.

Format taken in part from an existing promo Morningstar poster and spruced up and recolored.

If you haven't played Saints Row, and you have a crude sense of humor, then you should probably give it a go.
Sniper is from Team Fortress 2 originally. I also made Medic. We won't talk about that.

Do not use or redistribute without permission.
Challenge: Pacts by Niraven
Challenge: Pacts
Part of a personal challenge I was given. I'm a big fan of the comic Ava's Demon, and was challenged to draw me and a friend in that universe's setting. Our sins would be pride and wrath respectively, so I was challenged to play off the existing characters- Wrathia's incarnation being an OC, and Pedri's being Sniper since he's often seen as representing me in my various circles. It works. I tried to keep the original Ava's Demon characters, as well as the twists, clearly recognizable.

Ava's Demon is amazing. Read it here:
The Oni by Niraven
The Oni
A commission I did as part of a project for an upcoming RP Book, called WITCH!

What is WITCH? So glad you asked:…

WITCH © 2014 Elizabeth Chaipraditkul
Do not use or redistribute without permission.

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